God or Darwin?

PZ pointed out this article entitled It’s God or Darwin. It’s a mind-bendingly idiotic article and a real insult to religious people, IMHO. Apparently one can’t believe in a rigorous scientific method and God according to the author. This is just so fucked up it’s hard for me to understand. I know the author, and other proponets of intelligent design (ID) are not stupid, yet it is hard to determine this by writings like this. I just don’t understand this communication chasm. Science studies natural explanations!. What is so fucking hard to understand about this? Science does not study supernatural explanations. Yes, indeed, sir, science is blind to the influences of deities. That does not mean that people cannot include the divine in their own world views, it just means that science will not include the divine in generally accepted scientific theories. I don’t know how seemingly intelligent people such as David Klinghoffer can miss this.

I know I am a broken record on this but articles like this really hurt the debate.

God or Darwin?

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