Kitzmiller v. Dover

This is interesting stuff: The ACLU’s Challenge to Intelligent Design.

First of all, I am a big fan of civil liberties and I question the patriotism of anyone that isn’t. I am proud of the ACLU for protecting our civil liberties. I am also proud of the ACLU for suing the living shit out of dumb fucking backwards ass idiotic twits who would force schools to teach their religious myths as science.

As I’ve written elsewhere, I don’t care if you believe that the universe was created by a flying spaghetti monster. I don’t even care if you teach your kids to believe it. I do care when you try to force teachers to teach that crap (PDF 92k) in our public schools. I am enheartened by religious people, of which there are many, who agree with me on this one.

Kitzmiller v. Dover

One thought on “Kitzmiller v. Dover

  1. I should comment to say that the ACLU is not suing the Discover Institute. I linked them under the “dumb fucking backwards ass idiotic twits” category as representative of the dumb fucking backwards ass idiotic twits that promote this ill-fated and ridiculous Intelligent Design agenda.


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