More Petty Corporate Dweebs

Does your brain start to soften if you work in a corporation? Here’s another story about someone taking someone else’s food and complete irrationality ensuing:

Fired for sending catty personal email

First of all, do you really go to work with no cash, no checkbook and no credit card such that you can’t buy lunch? Second, do people really go around stealing food? (yes, I’m afraid, bizarre though it may seem.) Third, do you openly insult a peer in email and CC your co-workers? And finally, do you really fire people for minor, albeit stupid, lapses in email behavior?

If I had to choose I would say that whomever decided to fire people over this is the stupidest. It’s a tough choice.

But what’s even more petty is posting stupid things like this on your blog! 😉


More Petty Corporate Dweebs

2 thoughts on “More Petty Corporate Dweebs

  1. chad says:

    This is somewhat different, but it immediately came to mind, because it relates to petty shit that goes down in the office:
    One time, during an internship at a large corporate entity, one of my co-workers sent out a lengthly email (3 paragraphs) about the difference between “setup” and “set up”–the first being a noun, the second a verb (I think). Anyhow, we worked in testing and dealt with a ton of internal clients, and he sent the email to probably every one of them because he was sick of seeing the two uses of “setup” confused in the paperwork that our clients would fill out when submitting programs.


  2. trypnotic says:

    somebody once stole my hot pockets that were in the community fridge in my office. i left an anonymous mean note on the fridge and left it at that.


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