The LoLife Podcast No. 36 – 40

Wow, I’ve really fallen behind in posting my podcasts to the blog. I post them to the XML file right away for subscribers but have been negligent here. So here are 5 podcasts for your listening pleasure:

The Meaning of Life
Letters to the Editor: Rants and Reviews
Women and Sex
Higher Ed and Howard Dean

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The LoLife Podcast No. 36 – 40

One thought on “The LoLife Podcast No. 36 – 40

  1. Huxley says:

    Just wanted to pass on some words of encouragement (nonspecifically to any blog, essay, or podcast)…

    I switched to iTunes 4.9 (or whatever), and downloaded 10 or so of your podcasts (purely on chance alone) to take with me on a recent business trip.

    After listening to them over the past 10 days, I have to say that you need to get organzied and take on Rush (or even Al Franken for that matter) and get you thoughts more exposure!

    Your comments and insights can be priceless at times. I am an attorney, well versed in–and staunch believer of–the Constitutionally provided Separation of Church and State. Even with this background and belief, some things you have said have opened my eyes, or, at minimum, given me some new directions from which to position myself when I stumble into this debate with others.

    Although I still consider myself a Republican (but one who is generally politically conserative, but socially very liberal, and further, not in the least bit part of the new “Christian-American Taliban” which is seemingly taking our country by storm (actually I too am agnostic or at least unsure about God and how it all fits into this universe of ours)) but usually do not tell others of this tenuous party affiliation.

    Even though you and I would seem to agree 100% on all topics, I still get your “gifts” (as you call them), of new ways of thinking. Given that I have had a semi-activist/progressive sentiment on American politics for about three years now, and side with you unilaterally, the fact that you can still stimulate my intellect and affect my viewpoints should be considered a “gift” on your part.

    Don’t stop…! I will be a frequent visitor/subscriber to your site and look very forward to any added material you may post and/or upload.

    Be proud of what you have accomplished. You speak so many truths (or at least push your listeners toward the seeking thereof), and because I too (and countless others, I am sure), believe that one day things will change for the better, you should consider yourself a pioneer in getting out the message encouraging others to (i) think things through for themselves, and (ii) to be wary of those who claim to know what is right and/or moral and then attempt to impose these systems of belief/values on the rest of us.

    Take care.


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