I think some people get confused. This is your life. This is it. One shot. That’s it. If the universe is 14 billion years old (which is what we think), your life will occur in roughly 0.0000006% of it. You are nothing. You are a rounding error. The span of your life, roughly speaking, never happened. This is for you. You are here for you. Not to go wild in some extreme exercise of hedonism, but to live a life worth living. Whether you are you or Jesus you will be forgotten. Nothing has an impact on the largest time scales. This is not a message of hopelessness. It’s a message of hopefulness. You are here, right now, and it is a fucking miracle. You are a miracle. You are an ungodly unlikelyhood. The odds of you happening are basically zero. You are alive, dammit, and that is a wonderful gift. Get up, brush yourself off, forgive yourself and get on with doing the real work of your life. You know what to do and, by god, it is time to do it. Live. Thrive. Be. Go.


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