Arrested for asking Ann Coulter a question

This guy got arrested for asking Ann Coulter a question.

Re: my whole rants about the fact that we don’t live in a G-rated world, I think that it is perfectly reasonable to expect that you can ask Ann Coulter adult questions. Big deal if there was kids in the audience. The question is pertinent when people argue that marriage is for making babies. In our society today, making babies is not a requirement for marriage. The fact that he asked the question in a vulgar manner should not in and of itself be cause for arrest. Do we really not have free speech if we use swear words? Is that rational?

Ann Coulter is admittedly a brutal critic of the left. She is apparently free to spit our her venom but can’t handle it when people spit it back? Fuck her.

Arrested for asking Ann Coulter a question

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