Guilty of Being Friendly to a Liberal

This cracks me up. Two conservatives arguing over who has been friendlier to Hilary Clinton. This shows, to me, just how low the right is sinking. You can’t even be friendly to a liberal anymore without taking a political hit. Both of these people are idiots.

It reminds me of these two idiots — Ann Coulter and Catherine Crier complaining about Tina Fey. a) I love Tina Fey and b) do these dumbasses realize she is on a satire show? Perhaps they should look up satire in the dictionary.

Guilty of Being Friendly to a Liberal

One thought on “Guilty of Being Friendly to a Liberal

  1. mnphenow says:

    This reminds me of one of Lewis Black’s bits:

    “One of the scariest things to me about that war was that fact that it was not an easy war for people to take either side on. And the fact of the matter was that this country, as it does every time it comes down to war, completely loses its sense of humor. And when we do that, we become dangerously close to what we hate about our enemies. A terrorist is a person without humor at all. And we began to act like this. And neither side knew exactly what they were talking about.”

    The political climate in this country is so frightening at this point. The level of irrationality is, in my opinion, far beyond the irrationality with which people in this country treat religion, science, culture, social interactions, and just about any other subject you can name. Of course, I think that “both” sides (as if there were only two) have completely lost their fucking minds, but that’s another issue…


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