The LoLife PodCast No. 9 and No. 10

It was suggested by a couple of people that I tell some stories from my days when I worked for Prince. I decided to go ahead and do that. I worked for Prince from about 1990 until 1992 or so. I mainly worked on the Graffiti Bridge and Diamonds & Pearls records, although my work shows up on many other Prince and related artists’ records. Anyway, here I am rattling on about Prince and such. Hope you enjoy it!

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The LoLife PodCast No. 9 and No. 10

6 thoughts on “The LoLife PodCast No. 9 and No. 10

  1. heywhatwherethere says:

    hey, thanks for the stories…

    especially loved your anecdote about Prince
    never making a mistake musically. inspirational stuff.


  2. dhawk says:

    Thanks for the great Prince stories. I’ve been a huge Prince fan for 23 years and was well-aware of who you are. Your stories are some of the most entertaining, enlightening, and insightful things I’ve ever heard/read about him.

    I have a couple of questions that I’d greatly appreciate your answers to. First, what instrument do you think Prince is best at? Second, why does Prince favor his Hohner imitation telecaster? It’s always fascinated me how he can afford any guitar in the world, yet he always goes back to the cheap Hohner that he bought in a store in the late ’70s. Did he ever talk to you about what he looks for in an instrument or why he prefers some instruments over others? If you have any time and interest (and I’m not assuming you do) I’d love to hear your thoughts on these questions. My email address is, if you care to answer. Thanks again for the great stories, and I hope you provide more in the future.



  3. chad says:

    Those are good stories (and funny at times too). Did you ever see Dave Chapelle’s skit with Prince playing basketball? I thought it was hilarious, and your basketball talk reminded me of it.

    I know you are trying to keep going with the politics, but if you feel like taking any breaks in the future, It’d be cool to hear some more talk about music. Prince stories are good, or maybe some of your opinions on music in general–writing music, suggestions, bands that suck, the business in general, whatveer you can think of.


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