Terri Schiavo and The Right to Die

In regards to the Terri Schiavo case…

If my quality of life has disappeared to nothing and I’m unresponsive and in a vegetative state, I would be appalled if the religious right kept me alive because of their beliefs. They would let me continue to suffer for years because of what they want? FUCK THEM. I don’t give a rats ass what mother fucking Tom Delay wants when it comes to my goddamn life.

Clearly, we want close controls over these issues. We aren’t going to let people kill people just because they are disabled. This case has had many such controls. It has been scrutinized profusely. This is not a case of some cruel husband that wants to kill his wife.

That the House, Senate and our dumb-ass President think that their beliefs should keep this poor woman in a suffering state perpetually is insane and cruel. I believe her husband and thus I believe that her wishes are not being taken into account and that is criminal.

Terri Schiavo and The Right to Die

One thought on “Terri Schiavo and The Right to Die

  1. On addendum to this: the humane way to let her die would be to inject her with a quart of morphine. It is odd to me that we will allow people to die of hunger or thirst but we won’t allow doctors to let them die humanely.


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