The LoLife PodCast No. 4

Yet another in my series of commentaries. This one is called Life, the Universe and Everything. It’s my longest yet, a trend I hope will not continue.

I noticed an error in my XML file so if you use podcasting software that retrieves the files automatically, the entry for No. 3 had the MP3 file from No. 2. I’ve corrected that now.

If you listen to this crap and find it at all interesting I would appreciate your vote at Podcast Alley. I’ll be more motivated to do these things if people actually listen and your vote will help make that happen.



The LoLife PodCast No. 4

One thought on “The LoLife PodCast No. 4

  1. I tried voting, but podcastalley seems to be down. Anyway—I dig what you’re doing. I am always amazed how you can sound so level headed while discussing issues that make me, and I know you too, murderous. But that’s just me.


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