51 Ass Wipes

The Senate voted today to allow drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). 51 evil right-wing bastards somehow equate oil drilling with wildlife refuges? 51 dipshits think that energy independence means continuing our irrational and self-destructive oil addiction. 51 morons who should be run out of town chased by an angry mob for betraying the deep care and pride that Americans have for our few remaining wildernesses.

If your senator voted Nay on this vote you should call him up and ream his ass and then make damn sure he/she never wins an election again.

This is a disgrace.

I must tip my hat to Norm Coleman R-Minnesota for doing the right thing on this vote. If the Yea’s had one more vote I’m sure the GOP wouldn’t have lent him his balls back for this one…

51 Ass Wipes

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