The LoLife PodCast No. 1

This is an experiment that will surely fail, but here is my first, and perhaps only, podcast. It is the same intolerant left-wing shit you’ve come to expect from me but in your ears instead of your eyes. I’ve sprinkled in a generous amount of fuck’s, as well.

The first episode is commentary inspired by every liberal’s favorite punching bag and is entitled Low Hanging Fruit: Ann Coulter.



Please leave comments to encourage or discourage me from future such podcasts.


The LoLife PodCast No. 1

3 thoughts on “The LoLife PodCast No. 1

  1. mnphenow says:

    I didn’t realize these podcasts were from 05. They just showed up in my reader recently. Oh well. I enjoyed it. I always enjoy discussions about the true meaning and nature of “conservative” and “liberal.” Of course it is all so twisted inside out so as to be almost completely meaningless in today’s dialog, but interesting nonetheless. Thinking about this and rereading some articles on the subject, I reached an interesting conclusion: we’re both raging liberals! Of course I’m a classical liberal and you’re a liberal in the modern usage of the term, but at least we agree on our label! Here are a couple of really great articles touching on the subject:


  2. Ann Coulter is a whore. And I hope you’re right, I hope she’s an actress. And I agree that she’s immoral. Moreso because she’s decided to play this part. Good actresses practice better discretion.


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