Pop Secret is Shit

I don’t usually write about silly stuff like this but…

Last night I had some microwave popcorn from Pop Secret. I was disgusted by how sweet it was. I couldn’t believe someone would put sugar in popcorn. I looked at the ingredients and it had fucking sucralose in it.

I just disgusts me how these food companies think we want everything to be sweet. You can buy orange juice with high fructose corn syrup in it. Who the hell needs high fructose corn syrup in fucking orange juice?

I think these idiots get fooled by taste tests where people taste things side by side. I’m guessing your average dumb ass always prefers the sweeter one. Thus we head down this road where everything gets sweeter and sweeter and sweeter and we all get fatter and fatter and fatter.

Not to mention how fucking horrible sucralose is. It tastes like shit and it is made out of shit.

I shan’t be buying Pop Secret ever again in my life.

Pop Secret is Shit

2 thoughts on “Pop Secret is Shit

  1. BTW, I figured out your Pop Secret problem when I was babysitting the other night. You bought Kettle Corn – which is a sweet/salty popcorn – it’s supposed to taste that way.



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