Scared, Stupid Bush

Bush’s inaugural speech was typical of a scared and stupid man.

First of all, I’m not willing to take as a basic tenant that there is gathering evil in the world poised to overwhelm us. That’s crap. Yes, we have made a lot of enemies but by far the world is a peaceful place full of our allies. Bush has created and inflamed our enemies and now uses that fact to bolster his power base.

Second, the Orwellian repetition of the words “freedom” and “liberty” was suspicious at best. Actions speak louder than words and what is happening in America, Iraq and around the world is the Bushies erosion of both of these concepts. Freedom, according to Bush, is something that is apparently only granted to people that agree with him. To be a suspect in this administration is to be guilty. Due process is gone, basic issues of privacy are gone and we send the marines to negotiate with those who disagree with us. That is why he needed to chant those words over and over to try to hypnotize us — because he is lying. The goal of this administration is crystal clear: control the world’s resources for the benefit of the richest people in the history of the world.

I do not support this president, I do not support this administration and I look forward to the day when history regards him as the worst president in the history of the USA.

Scared, Stupid Bush

3 thoughts on “Scared, Stupid Bush

  1. I’m afraid I do think Bush is stupid. Why else would his handlers pre-screen every town meeting to eliminate people who disagree with him? The guy can’t handle issues on the fly. He is only good when scripted.

    He is clearly aligned with the least rational of the evangelical Christians. It is scary.


  2. chad says:

    Did you see the article in time awhile back? It was something like a disturbingly high % of people had some view on Israel because they thought the Jews needed to be in the Holy Land for the Second Coming.

    I heard at a recent lecture that 15% of the population believes that the “end of the world” will be brought about in their lifetime by their God. I can’t verify that figure, so hopefully it’s not true.

    Anyhow, I don’t think Bush is stupid. I just think that there are certain assumptions to his worldview which create at times very poor policies.


  3. I am so with you. I titled my blog post, the day after the speech, “2 + 2 is 5”. This guy is so dangerous I can’t help but think that Christian fundamentalists are behind him because they believe he will escalate the ‘rapture’ and bring them to Jesus sooner. By triggering the end, of course. But that’s not central to their agenda. It the end, not the means they seem interested in.


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