Religion Is Not Science

The creationists are at it again. They just can’t stand the fact that science continues to ignore their mindless devotion to the Bible. Let me try be clear on this one, folks: science cannot and should not take into account magical omnipotent beings when we devise theories to explain natural phenomena. Yes, there may be a God and he may have done magical omnipotent things. We haven’t found them yet. Instead we’ve found a lot of very logical, consistent things like gravity, quantum mechanics, relativity and jillions of other scientific/mathematical explanations. God was clearly a physicist. He rarely and perhaps never pulled rabbits out of hats. So-called intelligent design is not a scientific theory. In a nutshell intelligent design says that something as complicated as a watch, for example, implies the existence of a watchmaker. This is a circular argument because clearly something as sophisticated as a watchmaker implies the existence of a watchmaker maker. If life is so sophisticated and complicated that it takes a magical omnipotent being to have created it, science would then have to turn to the important question of where magical omnipotent beings come from. We are, as Carl Sagan used to say, skipping a step and trying to explain the universe on physical ground rather than try to explain God on physical grounds. This is as it should be.

The theory of evolution is not a threat to religious people. Religious people have nothing to gain by forcing scientists to accommodate their religious views. Science cannot remain science if it has to take into account random miracles by an otherwise completely scientific God.

I take these truths to be self-evident.

Religion Is Not Science

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