I am not an atheist. I think it is irrational to say that there is definitely not a god. I also think it is irrational to say there definitely is a god. I don’t think there is anything at all irrational with believing in god. Faith does not need proof. I am a dictionary definition agnostic. I believe this issue is unknowable. In that way, I intend to leave myself open to anything being possible. I enjoy reading about and discussing spirituality. I enjoy practicing it, in a sense. I think this is the quest into which we are all born — figure it out, this big question in life. Never stop looking.

I make this point as a prelude — I consider myself a moral and patriotic person but I am entirely, wholeheartedly a secularist. I believe that our government should be entirely impartial on matters of religion. I’ve addressed this issue here before. I want to point out that I finally have someone lobbying Washington on my behalf. Check out http://www.godlessamericans.org/. This is a good thing. While I fully support the rights of religious people to express themselves it is nuts how politicians pander to them. Our government is secular, it should be secular and it is odd that we need groups like this to emphasize this.


One thought on “Godless

  1. Dan says:

    Why should politicians not pander to any group? They will pander to anyone who votes.

    I can appreciate that a religous influence on government makes you uncomfortable, but why should people with a religous motivation on an issue have less of a right to be heard than native american lesbian skydivers or any other group for that matter. Should people of faith be seen and not heard? Do you want them to go to the back of the bus or something?

    Its one thing to say the we should not be a theocracy and its totally another thing to take away the voice of anyone with a religous conviction. Having faith in any God whether it be a Christian God, Islamic God or a Jewish God does not make your voice any less valid or important than the voice of someone with a a “Godless” view.


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