2 thoughts on “Watch This Now

  1. Dan says:

    First of all, there is no such thing as an independent media. All media pushes one agenda or another. None I see deserve to be called an impartial source of information. At the end of the day, most media sources define themselves as a success or failure more by their ratings than anything else.

    As for the comments about the American people, I agree they do not care enough to have an opinion with any depth or substance.

    Most Americans care more about petty gratifications and selfish interests than anything else. Most people are lazy and ignorant and for this reason they can be easily swayed. Why else would the political parties be worried about raising so much money for advertising in the Presidential elections? If a person really had deep-rooted beliefs, then how could a 30 second blurb change their opinion?


  2. chad says:

    I just don’t think our population is ready to take back their country. As you mentioned, people don’t want to talk about “issues” they like to play it safe. I read in physics that string theory is a 21st century theory that fell accidently into the 20th century. (i.e. we don’t have the proper understanding of mathematics yet to work with it.) What I think we have in politics is 21st century power (e.g. our military, our ability to do major things with our money) but the general public’s intellect and ability to understand things is lagging about 100 years back, or more.

    I think all the proof I need is that Americans spent $16 million last weekend at the movies to watch “You Got Served.” 🙂


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