Pawlenty Sucks Ass

Tim Pawlenty, the governor or Minnesota, is a complete tool.

Here he is, where the buck stops, the top dog, explaining why it happened:

“When complaints come about provisions lost as a result of this veto, I would encourage people to contact DFL leaders,” Pawlenty said in a statement.

Here is a man who said he would work in bipartisanship after he narrowly won his job back. What that means is you have to take some of the good with some of the bad. You have to compromise. That is what the people of Minnesota asked for. He vetoed it, I hear, for mainly one reason: “he was adamantly opposed to a policy change it contained that would have required including inflation in the state’s budget forecasts.”

He vetoed it because of some math stuff.

Th Tool-in-Chief also threatened to veto a medical marijuana bill that “would have allowed patients with specified chronic debilitating conditions to possess … marijuana.” Now who in their right might vetoes bills which effect only people with chronic debilitating conditions? How much of a zombie ideologue do you have to be to not let doctors help very sick people in any way possible? Republican Steve Sviggum, who I disagree with on absolutely everything, cosponsored this bill!

We all know what is going on. Pawlenty is eying national politics. He’d rather look like a good Republican lap-dog who veteos taxes than let the people of Minnesota spend their own money on the things they think are important.


Pawlenty Sucks Ass