Dennis Miller: Not Funny

I don’t care what Dennis Miller’s politics are. I don’t care what any comedian’s politics are. I can laugh at the Left just as much as I can laugh at the Right. Dennis Miller was on the Daily Show tonight and I just don’t think the guy is funny. He tried way too hard and…did I say yet?…he’s just not funny.

Can anyone name a single funny person on the Right?

Dennis Miller: Not Funny

18 thoughts on “Dennis Miller: Not Funny

  1. bsherwood says:

    true he does that for fox..”every-other show” would be a considerable stretch, but you are correct I have seen him do that.

    however, commentating on Fox is nearly stand=up because it certainly is not “fair and balanced’ news.

    ..but I would still say his main gig is standup right now.


  2. bsherwood says:

    Dennis Miller is not a commentator. Dennis Miller is a “stand up commedian” Following his SNL days he has done a film, possibly two, had a failed talk show and now does stand up.

    He has always been a conservative and has only recently started using his political views to market his act. If you go back and watch SNL or his talk show you would be “hard pressed” to know his political “bent”.

    Jon Stewart hosts a “fake news” program. Does very little, if any, stand-up…I suppose his monologue could be considered stand up??

    at any rate IMHO you have them reversed. Stewart is the commentator and Miller is the stand-up.

    best right wing commedian?
    did anyone see Rove doing the “rap dance” on CNN yesterday and this AM??? now that was funny…scary and funny. And if I am not mistaken he is sportin’ a mullet.


  3. micadelic says:

    Oops, I meant I guess on a “funny scale” I’d say Stewart is funnier than Mr. Miller.

    And after re-reading your post, I guess you did say that you don’t find him funny, the title of the thread “Dennis Miller: Not Funny” was more declarative.



  4. micadelic says:

    For the record. I think Jon Stewart is really funny and I think Colbert’s take on right wing puffery is pretty damn funny too.

    I have heard Stewart poke fun at both sides though, his comedy does not appear particularly mean spirited, just very observant, witty and well written.

    I guess on a “funny scale” I’d say Stewart is funnier than Mr. Stewart but I think on a sliding scale where political commentator is on one end and pure comedian is on the other end, Stewart is more of a comedian and Miller is more of a commentator, and thus by definition, less funny. Especially to the folks on the opposite side of his POV.


  5. bsherwood says:

    I find jon stewart a frustrating “interviewer”(interview segments are waaaay to short and sometimes he doesn’t let the guest talk) But the show is brilliant. He is definitely left, though he jabs democrats severely at times….but probably the best comedy material on television.

    I appreciate that he has the balls to tell it like it is from a truly satirical vein…(unlike bill mahr…who I am growing to really disslike)

    and as far as my wife is concerned, I am wrong “All the time”.


  6. I’ve seen Dennis Miller on the Daily Show before and couldn’t stand him. This time, he really smelled of nervous desperation, which made him not only unfunny but repulsive. We fast-forwarded through it almost immediately, thank god.


  7. micadelic says:

    Somebody recently reminded me of something; they told me, ya know Mic, you’re not always right. I thought about it and I had to agree. Sometimes I’m wrong, sometimes I’m way wrong, and admitting that allows me to take advice, have an open mind, and recognize good thinking wherever I find it. For example, as much as a fucktard as I believe Jimmy Carter to be, he actually has a couple pretty damn good ideas.

    Guess what Michael, humor is somewhat subjective, I might think a joke about Nancy Pelosi is hilariously funny and you would probably think it stupid, or the product of somebody with a little bitty teeny closed mind.

    Guess what else, sometimes your wrong too.


  8. Just checked out the YouTube clip. Yup, not funny. Oh, I chuckled a couple of times.

    I suppose his politics do influence me because little tiny closed minds are rarely funny to me. Har, har, let’s level the Iraqi museum cause it’s just old crap anyway, ha ha.

    It’ll be kind of fun to watch the Daily Show when we have a Democrat president just to see how Stewart turns his humor on them. I seriously think John Stewart and Co. are brilliant and I don’t think it is solely because they are (obviously) lefties.


  9. bsherwood says:

    yeah, that is from the HBO special I watched. If Dennis Millers head was any further up his ass he would completely dissapear. He is obviously in the “nuke em back to the stoneage” crowd….


  10. bsherwood says:

    Rosie O’Donnell is not funny.
    Red Skelton was funny. He was sort of conservative. Even though the administration accused him of being a communist because his name was “Red”.

    Maybe they were trying to be funny?

    Rush Limbaugh was really funny when he wanted to put anyone that uses drugs in prison for life and then he got caught with all that oxycontin…that was a hilarious joke…..I’m sure he was all, like “I was kidding, it was a joke”….


  11. micadelic says:

    Sometimes not funny but sometimes funny. Mostly though, I think he’s funny. I can see why you guys would not. Then again, I don’t think Rosie O’Donnell is funny.

    Here, funny…


  12. omegaequals0ne says:

    a funny person on the right? hmmm… donald rumsfeld used to make me laugh almost to the point of pissing myself. does that count?


  13. omegaequals0ne says:

    word, michael. i watched him on the daily show as well. the wife & i couldn’t even make it through the entire interview. he totally came across like old uncle shithead. same dried-out shtick, completely un-funny/over-constructed jokes & un-witty quippage. thank goodness for tivo! (>>>)


  14. bsherwood says:

    I watched an entire Dennis Miller HBO special. Hard as I tried I could not find the “funny” in anything he said….but then again neither did the audience.

    I have a “Bush Quote” thing on my google homepage…those are pretty funny, when they are not painfully sad.


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