A culture of low expectations

I am yet again noting how shitty Windows software is. I’m running Vista on my gaming machine. First of all, let me say that Vista is not nearly as bad as I hear everyone saying it is. I have had some problems but I do not look back on XP as some dream come true. XP was barely adequate and Vista is barely adequate. No big paradigm shift there.

But I am constantly disappointed not just by Microsoft’s software but by almost all software written for Windows. They try to make the software “easy” in totally the wrong way. They hide useful information, they don’t give you options, they infrequently use tool tips. They sort of assume you are dumb and they manage to alienate both the dumb people and the smart people.

Steve Jobs said, if this was just about money Microsoft would make great software. It is confusing to me that Apple can make such great software and inspire such great software and Microsoft manages to inspire a lot of very poorly conceived, poorly executed and hard-to-use software. Some people will claim this is because there is so much more software for Windows, so there is going to more bad software as a result.

I don’t buy it. My latest complaint of shit-ass software was written by Intel. It’s horrible software. It is software to configure and managed RAID. It has told me there is an error on one of my disks. It hasn’t told me what the error is! It has no help for me to repair the error. It’s only advice is I should back up my data. There are no tool tips and the help is incomplete and sucky. It is supposedly logging events somewhere but they are nowhere within the Event Viewer. There are no other logs I can find. Apparently you need to be a Microsoft Certified Retard in order to diagnose this goddamn problem. I know RAID inside and out. I have run Windows for a decade and computers for 3 decades. It is an absolute failure of leadership by Microsoft and Intel that they let shitty software like this into the marketplace.

And yet Windows Weenies will defend this backwards-ass hegemony with all their lives. They love the mediocrity. They love the unintuitive nature of things, the constant annoying little popups, the DLL conflict hell. They love the shit ton of crappy software they can run on their crappy OS and feel they are on the “business” operating system.

This is why Apple is gaining market share and market capitalization. From the very top down, Apple manages quality. Microsoft, from the top down, clearly does not understand their users or the marketplace. The only reason they are surviving at this point is because of Office and because so many business users think they are required to use this inadequate shit.

The only company that is really competing with Apple right now is Google. Microsoft is falling.

A culture of low expectations

Macs run Ubuntu

Was just fooling around with a trial version of Parallels so I installed Ubuntu (a distro of Linux) on my Mac. I think Linux is great and Ubuntu in particular is great. But the Mac-bashers have to learn to live with the fact that these Intel MacBooks can run freaking everything. I can run Adobe and Micro$oft, native in OS X, run some astronomy software in Windows and have 9 desktops of developer tools in Unbuntu, all at the same time, without reboots or any monkey business.

You can also run Ubuntu on directly on a mac, without virtualization, if you want to dual boot.

I know virtualization is not unique to Macs, but I think it is pretty cool that I can run every other operating system on my mac. No other operating system can do that.

Parallels is pretty cool.

Macs run Ubuntu