Bush says "fuck the children"

Fox News has a roundup of some quotes regarding Bush’s recent veto of a bill expanding health insurance coverage for poor children. What is surprising is how many Republicans disagree with the President on this.

“I believe this is an irresponsible use of the veto pen. I hope the House can garner enough votes to override the President.” –Sen. Gordon Smith, R-Ore.

“Unfortunately, I believe that some have given the president bad advice on this matter, because I believe that supporting this bipartisan compromise to provide health coverage to low-income children is the morally right thing to do. I hope that we can muster enough votes to overturn this veto.” –Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah.

“This is an important program with bipartisan support, and I’m committed to a responsible extension. … Any long-term extension must include an effective plan focused on enrolling children who currently qualify but who for whatever reason are not signed-up, anything less is irresponsible.” –Rep. Charles Boustany Jr., R-La.

When liberals and conservatives agree on something, it’s probably a good idea. And if it’s a good idea, Bush will be against it.

Because Jon Stewart is wrong, Bush is really, really, really, really stupid.

Bush says "fuck the children"

17 thoughts on “Bush says "fuck the children"

  1. micadelic says:

    If you guys have a point, why do you have to lie and deceive to make it? This was the Dems fucking well though-out, scripted, planned response to the presidents radio address on the subject. It’s not just one random example of something. It was a very high-profile dishonest presentation. Again, if you have a legitimate point, make it legitimately. Don’t know why you don’t get that.


  2. Another example of how the Right thinks if they show one example out of millions to be nonsensical that they somehow disproved the notion. That is wrong, you know its wrong.


  3. micadelic says:

    What is so laughable about your position, micadelic, is that you ascribe to Bush only the most noble traits and yet to a majority of both houses of Congress you ascribe the most contemptible traits.

    DING DING DING!!! Now you got it Michael and you are exactly right. Bush’s motives are noble, he’s not up for re-election but the pandering whores in the legislature are. They are afraid of “voting against the children” because of the inevitable dishonest campaign ads that are sure to be run that do NOTHING BUT PERSUADE THE STUPID AND UNINFORMED. I have had many problems with Mr. Bush but one thing I have always believed about him, his motives are noble, at least to him. You may disagree but he’s not out to fuck anybodies children dood. To believe he is is a 100% positive presentation for BDS.

    Man, I want to end welfare as we know it and I want to decrease the tax burden. You can spin this to say I’m greedy and I want to keep more of my money and I don’t care about black and brown and poor people, but it’s just the opposite. I firmly believe that the way to increase tax receipts is to CUT TAXES. It works every fucking time and I can provide you with the statistics. The way to end years and years of filling up our prisons with young black men is to work to remove them from the government teat because all that provides is an entitlement mentality and generational dependence on handouts. Not to mention the side effects of no self-esteem, fatherless families, and urban blight. Now you can disagree with me but just saying that I am wrong is so fucking unbelievably arrogant that I think you need a little self-awareness class.

    I believe you’re motives are noble, I believe you want to help by “insuring the poor children” but I don’t believe that the way the left goes about it does actually help, I firmly believe they make it worse. This is my honest, reasoned and well thought out opinion and it very well may be wrong, but dood, you don’t know that, you just think it.


  4. What is so laughable about your position, micadelic, is that you ascribe to Bush only the most noble traits and yet to a majority of both houses of Congress you ascribe the most contemptible traits.


    “The truth is this legislation is fully paid for,” he said. “It does not add one nickel to the deficit or to the debt. Furthermore, under the president’s proposal more than 800,000 children who now receive coverage under CHIP would lose that coverage.”

    Bush is wrong, as usual, and yet you support him blindly.


  5. bsherwood says:

    BDS! Got it,live it believe it…lots of facts and data to back it up…..Dick Cheney is actually a droid.

    Dickwads? my wife calls me worse than that hourly..
    you gotta try harder to insult next time…


  6. micadelic says:

    Dood, you’ve got to get out (into the blogosphere) more. BDS = Bush Derangement Syndrome which can be described as the blaming of George bush for everything from Katrina to genital warts on a random goat herder in Botswana. Also the belief Mr. Bush is evil incarnate and Dick Cheney is the dark lord Vader.

    And Michael, you are intellectually dishonest and you prove it with your rebuttal. It’s not about socialism per se (but it’s a start), it’s about actually covering poor children and not middle class adult voters. The Democrat version of the expansion of the SCHIP program is about buying votes and pandering to the stupid, it’s not about “the children.” What’s the old saying, “children are the last refuge of scoundrels” or something to that effect? This is a perfect example.

    Guess what dick-wads? George Bush actually does care about children, even yours.

    P.S. – I don’t think you guys are actually dick-wads, it was just fun to say with all the fuck yous and shit! 😉 I actually like you guys, I just think your horribly misguided.


  7. bsherwood says:

    I read some of that same data…When I stated Bush as a “fiscal dolt”, I am talking more of deficit and debt…and the overwhelming amount of spending and government growth and the amazing lack of conservatism. only 4 veto’s really shocked me..the number of …add ons..( I forgot the term) to bills at a record level in the history of the country…

    I also was surprised to read that we have to add 100,000 jobs per month to maintain the 4.7% unemployment… I also know that we all can make statistical data dance in which ever direction we choose…not that the info you site is a lie…just that everything has a spin….

    I do know that I am a family of four. We are making a decent middle to upper middle class income…and it is harder to make ends meet than in prior years….gas, medical, groceries,utilities, almost everything has increased in percentage greater than our income….so if after tax income has increased by 12.5 the cost of goods and services has increased (in my experience) significantly more…

    and I don’t know who is getting the tax cuts, it sure as hell isn’t me…the middle class just gets hammered by this admin…


  8. Oh fuck you and this “intellectual dishonesty” bullshit. Democrats and Republicans supported this bill and Bush vetoed it on some ideological crap about “socialism”. For some reason $5 billion isn’t socialism but $35 billion is? Plus the thing was paid for, a notion unfamiliar to Bush.

    The only thing dishonest here is people who buy Bush’s lying, demented bullshit. I refer you to the Daily Show for some poignant analysis of this issue.


  9. micadelic says:

    Pretty damn good economy for a fiscally stupid president.

    Today (edit: 10/5/07), the Bureau of Labor Statistics released new jobs figures – 110,000 jobs created in September. September 2007 is the 49th consecutive month of job growth, setting a new record for the longest uninterrupted expansion of the U.S. labor market. Significant upward revisions to employment in July and August mean employment growth has averaged 97,000 per month over the last three months. Since August 2003, our economy has created more than 8.1 million jobs, and the unemployment rate remains low at 4.7 percent.

    Real after-tax per capita personal income has increased by over 12.5 percent – an average of over $3,750 per person – since President Bush took office. More than 30 percent of the Nation’s net worth has been added since the President’s 2003 tax cuts.

    Real wages have grown 2.2 percent over the 12 months that ended in August. This is much higher than the average growth rate during the 1990s, and it means an extra $1,266 in the past year for a family with two average wage earners.

    Real GDP grew at a strong 3.8 percent annual rate in the second quarter of 2007. The economy has now experienced nearly six years of uninterrupted growth, averaging 2.7 percent a year since the turnaround in 2001.

    Middle class people (families of 4 with household incomes of $60k – $80k/yr) should not need government paid health insurance. The president is all for expanding the SCHIP program, as long as the expansion focuses on helping poor CHILDREN, not middle income, adult VOTERS.

    The following is from a White House press release (so I know you won’t believe it, but…):

    The President calls on Members of Congress to stop playing politics with SCHIP and work with him on a responsible bill that he can sign. This week, President Bush vetoed Congress’ SCHIP bill, which would move millions of children who now have private health insurance onto government coverage. The President supports SCHIP, and he hopes Members of Congress will now work with him to find common ground on a bill that returns the program to its original purpose of targeting dollars to poor children who need coverage the most.


    If Congress lets the President’s tax cuts expire, on average it would increase taxes by more than $1,800 for a family of four making $60,000 dollars a year. Small business owners would see their taxes go up by almost $4,000, and families with children would pay an additional $500 per child.

    So, maybe if the economy is growing, and people weren’t taxed out of house and hoe, even more people could afford private health insurance. I really hope that no matter what happens next fall, you guys can someday get over your BDS, it’s really pretty silly.


  10. bsherwood says:

    This Republican President is, imho, fiscally irresponsible. 4 veto’s in 7 years on spending bills? and this is one of the veto’s???


  11. micadelic says:

    p.s. the only reason there are defecting republicans is they fear the inevitable “he voted to fuck children” campaign ads that are sure to follow. this is a pure example of how politics suck and moves like this one by the democrats are cynical pandering tactics to win the votes of the stupid.


  12. micadelic says:

    if u weren’t so intellectually dishonest, you would know that the evil devil spawn bush actually wants to expand this program to not “fuck the children.” he wants to add 4 billion dollars to it and build in assurances that the money would help poor children and not just help helping pandering democrats to win votes.

    but intellectual honesty is not a trademark of the left, is it?

    this is possibly the worst post you’ve ever made.


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