Ann Coulter and Climate Change

I guess Ann Coulter is a genius if you take into account the fact that she continues to fleece the Right of millions of dollars every year with her absolutely juvenile and inane drivel. On an objective basis, of course, she is a complete fucking moron with not an ounce of logic, rationale or sound judgment.

Take for example her recent essay entitled LET THEM EAT TOFU!. (Note, the previous link goes to her home page so won’t point to the correct article after a while. Apparently she is not smart enough to figure out permalinks.)

What is clear from this article is that she has not a single piece of evidence, fact or rational basis for anything she says. One can paraphrase her article quite easily: Liberals hate America, hate human beings and want us all to live like cave men eating bugs.

Here is an example:

But global warming is the most insane, psychotic idea liberals have ever concocted to kill off “useless eaters.” If we have to live in a pure “natural” environment like the Indians, then our entire transcontinental nation can only support about 1 million human beings. Sorry, fellas — 299 million of you are going to have to go.

Hmmm. Her logic seems to be, global climate change can’t be true because we don’t want it to be true. That is the entirety of her argument. We depend on industry therefore there is absolutely no risk of human causes to global climate change.

Do any of you buy that rationale? Anyone? Compare and contrast with experts who have intensely rigorous data, methods and models whose results are verified by other researchers around the globe. You are going to believe this bitter, retarded cunt from hell over thousands of climate scientists?

No, we all know, if Ann Coulter believes it then it is certainly not true.

Ann Coulter and Climate Change

10 thoughts on “Ann Coulter and Climate Change

  1. micadelic says:

    If all he’s seen from me is personal attacks, he must not have read very much!

    Sure, things can get heated but you know, I felt like I was personally attacked so in my mind, I was just returning fire.

    Maybe in any post he read by me which he perceived as personal, I meant “liberals” or “democrats” and not “you.”

    I’ve been involved in many, many heated exchanges with Michael, who I respect very much, and I don’t think it’s ever gotten personal. I like to debate and exchange ideas, I get no jollies telling somebody get F’d and I wish I had not.



  2. Yeah, I don’t get tons of comment traffic. I think the TypeKey thing has something to do with it. Some people just don’t want to register and all that.

    I disagree with micadelic on just about everything but I don’t agree with your characterization that he personally attacks.

    I also don’t understand your implication that people don’t comment here because of something I do or something he does or whatever. I don’t delete comments and I’ve never discouraged commenting.

    So, participate if you want or don’t. That is up to you. I’m just suggesting that telling each other to fuck off is just not very interesting to anybody.


  3. fishdweeb123 says:

    I am new here….been reading for a while…I gotta say I have seen nothing but personal attacks from micadelic…easy for me to fix, just like fox news, or rush, or coulter or, or , or…
    I just turn it off….
    but before I dash, I do enjoy this blog,as I am sure others do also, but I see very few comments from others….now I know why…


  4. micadelic says:

    Sorry, shouldn’t have gone there, but…

    Mr. Fishdweeb is going to have to compose his thoughts a little better. When he says “You fucked up the planet” in a direct response to one of my posts, sounds to me that “you” means “you,” not some amorphous group. I’m not a mind-reader.

    Too lay the extent of any environmental damage done at the feet of Republicans is idiotic. Any senator or congressman, regardless of party, is going to vote for projects, plants, development if it is in their districts or states. It’s only “bad” if it’s not benefiting them.

    I’m old enough to remember the “No-Nukes” effort in the 70s, at the time, I even supported it. Turns out that the impediment this caused to the development of clean, nuclear power in this country probably cause more carbon emissions through the use of coal, oil, and natural gas than ANYTHING that any Republican has ever done. That effort was entirely left-wing. Look at France, they generate something like 70% of their energy via nuclear power. Is nuclear power the best solution? Probably not, but it’s better than fossil fuels. Talk about risk to human lives, more people have died and more damage has been done to the environment by coal mining accidents, oil rig catastrophes, black lung disease, oil spills, the transportation of oil and coal than have ever even been remotely caused by the use of nuclear power, even if you count Chernobyl and 3 Mile Island. Again, those are facts and, IMHO, beyond debate.

    So, lets debate it, and not just make ignorant blanket statements like “You fucked up the entire planet.” That’s not fair, and patently not true.


  5. Not exactly the level of debate I am trying to inspire. I understand that emotions can get high but let’s try to keep it on the ideas, folks, and leave out the personal attacks.


  6. fishdweeb123 says:

    take a breath dick.

    re-read my words and tell me why I’m an asshole?

    I said “give me a break dude” that is ass-hole-esque?

    I compared Coulter to Hitler
    I used “you” in reference to the republican party…

    who is stooping to whose level?
    next time try to actually “read” what people write, you may actually be enlightened…

    I learned and saw the light
    you can to
    just pull your head out of your ass


  7. micadelic says:

    Your an asshole. I didn’t fuck up any planet. You don’t know me, you don’t know what I’ve done in my lifetime from a conservationist point of view, probably more than you have, or ever will do. Conservation and good stewardship is a deeply held belief of mine. I believe we should reduce emissions, we should behave responsibly, etc. I just don’t believe that redistributing the wealth of our nation through some sort of global taxation (read Kyoto or carbon credits) is the way to accomplish it. I also dispute that “Global Warming,” to the extent that it does exist, is primarily caused by human activity. This is not an unrealistic position, despite what you may think.

    There are plenty of equally vicious “evil divisive hags” on both sides of the spectrum to go around. If you can’t see that, I’ve got no use for a debate with you.

    I like to keep a certain high level of discourse but just for a little emotional satisfaction I’ll stoop to your level for a minute.

    Fuck off.


  8. fishdweeb123 says:

    you’ll give me “she doesn’t help”??
    give me a frickin break dude!!

    and hitler had what “a bad day”….she is an evil devisive hag…a sensationalist that continues to top herself in outlandish comments that if the right had any real balls or values would have thrown that cheap whore out long ago…..she spews hate. her only goal is to sop up as much money as she can as she tries to keep her 15 minutes of fame stretched out as long as possible….ultra right wing biatch!!!

    “doesnt’ help??? sheeesh

    and I guess Michael Savage occaisionally goes over the edge???

    and rush? a fine american?
    I used to vote republican…I still consider myself conservative on many issues…but the party left all moderates behind so long ago and has embraced these hate mongers…and you had 6 years with the majority and what did you do with it???
    you fucked up the entire planet…

    yeah, she doesnt’ frickin help at all…


  9. micadelic says:

    I’ll give you this. Ann Coulter doesn’t help. She’s counter productive in my view. She’s wildly popular with the hard right fringe but embarrassing to the rest of us. People on either side like her only preach to the choir but do little to advance their causes.


  10. fishdweeb123 says:

    Fox news is “soft selling” her latest gaff by calling her a satirest …”like Bill Maher”

    she is slime of the worst kind.

    Good at one thing. Making money off of the right wing.


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