CNN = terrorists

You’ll want to be avoiding the Stoney Creek Hospitality Corp chain of hotels. They have banned CNN from their hotels because they “supported terrorism” by showing footage of Iraqi insurgents shooting U.S. troops.


So if you show actual, unsanitized footage of war, you are supporting the enemy? James Thompson, president of the company, is clearly a complete fucktard with his head well up his ass. The market should punish him.

CNN = terrorists

4 thoughts on “CNN = terrorists

  1. I’m not insane. CNN sees itself as a Global News Network, not an American News Network. They are as anti-American in my view as much of the foreign press that they aspire to emulate.

    I was saying it is insane to think that CNN has an agenda to help terrorists. You agree?

    Yes, of course, CNN is a global news network and they do not have nor should they have an agenda to spin what they do to help America. I thought that was obvious. No news organization should do that.

    You’ve seen that cartoon, I’m sure, where the whole world is blue except for the red states in the US? To the red states it may seem like the world is anti-American. They are really just anti-Bush. As they should be.

    We can have a foreign policy that the world admires. It is shameful that we do not. I know we’ll never agree with the whole world about everything, but the notion that any European country (or their press) is our enemy is absurd.


  2. micadelic says:

    The following are reported statements from a CNN employee. Granted, it’s an unamed source but if I were a CNN employee, I wouldn’t go on record with this either. This statement was widley reported.

    “Anti-Americanism pays off for us over there, no doubt about it,” says the CNN employee. “Questions were raised about this video and the way we got it. Once it was confirmed that it was real, the next question was how did we get it. And the answer was, we promised to give the terrorists a fair shake. I know that we are saying there was soul-searching here about running the tape. But I didn’t see much of that. There were somber people here, but there was also a segment of people on staff, once the tape had run and created a firestorm, that celebrated. They thought they were so courageous.”

    A former CNN news employee says that at that network there is a decidedly anti-war approach to what they do. “It might not be so clear from some of our anchors, but there are people here who direct the news operation who are very comfortable giving aide and comfort to the enemy. They wouldn’t call it that, but I would.”

    I’m not insane. CNN sees itself as a Global News Network, not an American News Network. They are as anti-American in my view as much of the foreign press that they aspire to emulate.


  3. I have a lot of problems with this.

    1. The dude just can’t disagree, he has to try in his own little way to destroy CNN. He can’t live in a world where his patrons can watch CNN. That is fucked. I agree he CAN do this if he wants, it’s just a stupid thing to do.

    2. You really think CNN is anti-American or pro-jihadist? Of course not, that is insane. You just disagree with them but you can’t just disagree with them, you have to accuse them of being terrorist sympathizers. It is INSANE to claim that CNN is not on our side. INSANE.

    3. We don’t see nearly enough footage of the brutality of war. I don’t enjoy seeing anyone killed, certainly not American soldiers. But we have to see how brutal this shit is or we are not getting all the data to make good decisions. There are little kids burned, maimed and killed, parents killed, lives ruined. But Mom in Kansas thinks the war is a good thing! She has no fucking clue. We should see them dying and us dying and little kids dying lest we fool ourselves about how “good” this (or any) war is.

    International media carries way more brutal war footage than Americans can stomach. We are lame little pussies who get upset when we see the facts! Americans die every day for this war you support. They die in horrible ways for little or no gain.

    But, please, don’t show us it on TV!

    PS – I haven’t seen the footage!


  4. micadelic says:

    I don’t think the guy’s a fucktard, I think he’s exercising his perfect right to not support organizations he does not agree with.

    The fact that CNN aired that video has bothered me and I’ve had to think about it long and hard to figure out exactly why.

    First of all, it’s not really “actual, unsanitized war footage” really. It’s a propaganda piece (or part of a propaganda piece) aimed at recruiting other radicals to the jihad. Come join the jihad, you get to butcher Americans in the most cowardly of ways! Go team!. The “shot,” both the one with the bullet and the one with the camera were set up to capture this slaying.

    Don’t you think there would be quite an uproar in the Arab world if Al Jazeera started running “US Army, be all that you can be” spots as news? And what if instead of the normal Army rah, rah, get a degree, learn electronics, etc. message you get in the typical Army commercial, the Army produced a commercial showing how great and glorious it was to kill jihadis by actually showing a live sniper “kill shot.” And not only that, what if the Army set up the live “kill shot” only for the purpose of making the commercial? Which is EXACTLY what the insugents did in this video. I’m sure that would go over great in Damascus and Tehran! Plus, I’m sure the world community would just give us a pass on a stunt like that.

    And lastly, when does the US media show Jihadis being killed by sniper fire, or in a firefight? The answer, never. Sure, you may see a bomb being dropped (not so much anymore) that you know has killed people but they would never show the up close and personal killing of an insurgent. You know they have plenty of that kind of footage!

    So, on CNN it’s OK to show the slaying of an American soldier, chalk up a victory for the good ol’ insurgents and terrorists, but it’s not OK to show the US military killing the enemies of the US. Wouldn’t want to show the US military actually succeeding at anything. They only want to highlight the failures.

    So, it’s pretty clear to me that CNN has actually taken sides on this war, and their not on our side. That is painfully obvious to me.


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