John Kerry For President

Now it is true that for some people, John Kerry does not seem like all that compelling of a candidate. He’s male, white, rich and a politician. He does not have that straight-talking charm that seems to motivate people who are turned off by the political process. He has a voting record that the Bushies will tear apart over the next months before the election. His views on some issues are complex enough that his words can be twisted into sounding like he is on both sides of an issue.

I want to remind you of a few reasons why you must vote for John Kerry. First of all, and most importantly, when you actually listen to John Kerry on the issues, he is right on. He is very, very smart, he really understands the issues, he has a lot of experience working within the political process and his views are based on (what I think is) a true desire to solve problems. He is not a slave to his political ideology like Bush is. As the late great Paul Wellstone said, politics is about making people’s lives better. It is not about trying to convert people to your political ideology. John Kerry is brilliant when it comes to the messy business of dealing with the actual issues. If you are turned off by John Kerry I would encourage you to listen to him directly on the issues and tune out the character-bashing chatter that the Bush adminitration is orchestrating.

Second, and less importantly, the lesser of two evils is still better than the greater of two evils. You may not think John Kerry is perfect but George Bush is a catastrophe. The Bush administration are right-wing extremists in a country that is almost exactly 50/50. We need a President in the center, or at least closer to the center than Bush.

Lastly, when asked, people overwhelmingly think that the government works best when there is some balance between left and right. Right now we have all three branches of government effectively controlled by Republicans. We need to restore some balance. This forces some compromise and in a country that is 50/50, we should all recognize the importance of compromise.

I believe John Kerry is smarter, more experienced, more honest and better equipped to lead this country. Even if you don’t agree with all of this, chances are you agree that a little compromise and balance in government is good. Support John Kerry.

John Kerry For President

5 thoughts on “John Kerry For President

  1. Jon, the Bush camp is out and out lying over and over about Kerry, much of it documented very well. I’m all for each candidate slamming the other as long as it is factual and not manipulated. For example, the “weak on defense” stuff about Kerry — they are using votes where Kerry and Cheney voted the same way! They are twisting the facts to misrepresent the situation. Another example is making it look like Kerry voted no over and over on defense issues when it was in fact only one vote, and that on a bill loaded with irrelevent pork.

    In regard to the Swift boat ads — there are people working on both Bush’s campaign and with that lame-ass Swift boat group. Do you need more facts than that?



  2. Jon says:

    I’m puzzled by the repeated claims from the left side of the aisle regarding “slams by the bushies” and the like. Was it not the democratic party that compared our sitting President to Adolf Hitler? How is this not a negative attack? Daily we hear claims from the democratic party that President Bush personally, and republicans in general, are directly responsible for the “swiftboat” ads. I’m not saying they aren’t, I’m not saying they are, I’m asking where is the proof? It used to be that we believed in the ideal of “innocent until proven guilty.” What happened to that America?

    Both major parties are so quick to condemn the other, throwing out comments, but providing no backing. So me facts, then I MAY believe.


  3. Dan says:

    To Chad,

    I think what Nader is trying to do is to force the Democratic party to move in his direction of a lot of issues. Third parties are always absorbed sooner or later when one of the big 2 takes their idea. His approach is to take away voters and hurt the democratic party until he can force it do adopt his positions and make him irrelevant.

    From where I am standing, its a well thought out approach to supporting his ideals. He is more committed to his ideals than he is to a political party and I can respect him for that.

    This country would be a lot better off if we had more leaders (and voters) who put their principals above party loyalty.


  4. Dan says:

    Its a shame Kerry got the Democratic nomination. The best thing he has going for him is that he is not George Bush.

    The country missed a huge opportunity when they picked Kerry over Edwards. Edwards could have beaten Bush. He is easily the best political candidate since Bill Clinton. He communicates well and conveys a sense of kindness and caring that allowed him to do great with the female demographic the exit polls.

    Kerry will lose ground and eventually lose the election because the most compelling reason to vote for him is that he is not George Bush. Thats simply not going to be enough to carry the middle third of the country. Bush will out spend Kerry and the uninformed electorate will be swayed by the marketing blitz.

    Get ready for 4 more years of George W like it or not.


  5. chad says:

    What do you think of Nader running again?
    I realize he is not much of a force nationally, but the Nader machine is starting up on campus — he is taking some votes.

    I personally think he should have just stayed home. For someone who promotes the greater good of society he sure seems bent on individual fame and attention.


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